Renovation and extension of a landed house in Bishop’s stortford, UK (Part1)

The owner of this house decided to modify the house for the needs of his family of five. He extended both the ground and the first floor to add more space for the whole family to enjoy life and have privacy.

The interior style that he really liked was transitional. He loved the modern and minimal look and the details of the neoclassic design. In the kitchen area, to have a coherent look a hidden pantry is designed to have cleaner arrangement of the cabinets.

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Modern Interior Design
Modern family house Interior Design in Bosnia

This project is located in Brčko City in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The owner of the apartment enjoyed the modern style. The Color combination is done based on the client’s taste and love for dark green color.

The apartment had an open space that could’ve been utilized for Living room, Dining room and an open kitchen with a peninsula.

The entrance and the bathroom are located at the back of the kitchen. By creating a nice entrance with a semi transparent wall, a nice private entry was created.  

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renovation project
Panoramic penthouse on the Riviera of Flowers

My very first idea for your holiday home was to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for all the members of the family and even gusts that are staying over. Since I know very well that the family gatherings are really important in your culture.

Therefore, I decided to make the place as a cozy atmosphere for hanging out together and doing activities such as watching movies, drinking, cooking, using outdoor showers and Jacuzzi and simply watching kids play.  I also tried my best to design the area in a way to give individuals some privacy in time of need by creating some cozy nooks in the terrace like the swing or the hot tub or the home office area to give each individual the space they need. This project is located in Imperia, Italy.

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Orazio disse Carpe Diem

this project was designed based on the recent urgent need of the families for a home office during pandemic time. wthe current situation this trend will continue to exist for the near future.

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Split my apartment in 2 (Modern Style)

This is a project for a family that wanted to split their house into a house for the parents and a house for their daughters family. this project was a contrast between the young and old generation style.

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split my apartment in 2 (Classic Style)

This is a project for a family that wanted to split their house into a house for the parents and a house for their daughters family. this project was a contrast between the young and old generation style.

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Viareggina Home

The bearing walls in this project couldn’t move, so the best solution is to keep the toilet where it was and extend a wooden partition to hide the bathroom door from the view.

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Finding a layout for a studio apartment 26 sqm

This project was a 26 sqm Studio design. The main idea for this design was to create a semi master room with direct access to your bathroom for maximum comfort.

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Full Renovation

This was a remodel project, that the client asked for only demolition of some walls and keeping the pluming system the place it was.

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Hope House

Firstly I have to mention, I designed this project based on the clients wish not to change the plan as much as possible. But I also tried my best to create the best design for their taste.

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House in the center of Padua

On this project, the spaces are located based on the clients desired plan. As Always, I did my best not to waste not even an inch of space and make it functional for your use.

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Contemporary Parisian Style

The day area is designed in a way to be inviting and by using the clients paintings, I tried to make the design more personal in this project, as I can call it a Dual artistic collaboration.

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Nareel interior design project in Dubai

This project exudes glamour and luxury, nestled within the mesmerizing artificial islands of Dubai. Every aspect of this design showcases a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an opulent and extravagant experience.

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In this project, on the ground floor is the living area but the basement is a total mancave. As you walk down the stairs, there’s a tavern and the seating area will be on the right. In this area you have a bar and a glass wall door wine cellar. In the leisure area there’s a billiard table and Jacuzzi area to maximize your comfort.

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First Home

This project was a delightful venture for a newlywed couple who had just purchased their very first home. Their shared love for eclectic design served as the guiding inspiration, resulting in a home that truly encapsulates their vibrant and diverse tastes. The end result is a reflection of their unique personalities and a testament to the harmony of their individual style preferences, making it a truly special and personalized space.

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In response to the client’s request for a modern design with a gray color palette, I embarked on a design journey that seamlessly blended sleek sophistication with a touch of natural warmth. By incorporating varying shades of gray alongside earthy, organic tones, I was able to elevate the interior’s ambiance. The inclusion of natural materials such as wood, stone, and hints of steel not only added a contemporary flair but also brought the design closer to the client’s envisioned modern aesthetic.

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La Carbona

The very first idea for this project is to be transparent toward the sea to give you maximum pleasure for your stay. Therefore, there’s a glass facade in this side of the volume. In order to have the best connection and access to the nature and pool there are huge glass sliding doors that can be pushed and eliminate the boundary between inside and outside.

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iperspazio emilia 1961

The very first idea for this project was to keep the authenticity and identity of the building in order to respect architects point of view. Besides the volume of the building is really modern and contemporary it just needed simplification and modifying to show it perfectly.

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For this Project, the challenge was to choose the best orientation for the position of the building and the pool to have both sun and the privacy.

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A terrace to enjoy

This Roof Garden is designed to be used for various functions. It also has an edible garden for the owners who were really into gardening.

Planimetria piano terra

For this project the court yard, had minimum space for vegetation so by growing the plants vertically, and adding vertical gardens or living wall I made the area lively.

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Time always goes by

The key for a successful design in this project is to work on 2 aspects: aesthetics and energy efficiency. Aesthetically, I designed the façade to look minimal and efficient. Basically, the volumes of the current building gives it an architectural identity. Energetically, the building is going to be updated with high efficiency materials.

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The Right one Project

As the client requested for a modification, I only added some conceptual ideas to present the best volume possible. I deleted the some areas in the center and created a central court yard to add more nature to the house. The kitchen, hallway and the bathroom all have views to this court yard.

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Southern California Outdoor Hardscape For a Villa

For my exterior Projects, I render both night and day to make it easier to visualize both situations. However, for this project I also made a distinction between the performing situation and the normal one which the pictures will tell you the difference, as the family wanted to use the narrow yard as a platform for artists at night.


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Villa Design in Gillan

This project was built on a steep land with a great view to the mountain. The owners wanted to make use use of the slope as much as possible to enhance the design.

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Italian Bed & breakfast

This project was about the division of an apartment for renting them for a short time. The floor plan is divided into 4 units and each unit has all the needed amenities.

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Bed & Breakfast with Liberty Style

The interior design style is based on liberty style. The client personally asked for this style. All glass windows, tiles, furniture are adapted perfectly with it.

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Bed & Breakfast Trebbia

This bed and breakfast is located in the cold mountains of Italy. The rooms have a view of the mountains and the area is ideal for holidays. The interior design is concepted in a way to satisfy the guest needs and provide them a comfortable space to rest and enjoy their holiday.

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Apartments For vacation rentals

I designed the plan based on the clients request for having 5 rooms with their own bathrooms and closets. I also created a 3d floor plan to help you understand the details perfectly.


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Home in a historical location turned into a B&B and SPA

The ground floor and the underground is used for the guests . In order to use the space wisely, and give each unit a proper relaxation area and a small kitchenette. In this project, the owner also lives in the same building so it was a whole renovation to make the space practical for both guests and the owner.

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Converting an apartment for a Luxury B&B in a UNESCO historical building

The design is divided into 2 parts: the first are the guest welcoming area, breakfast area, and the other is the Guest rooms.

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Ideal Bathroom showroom for Leroy Merlin (Italy)

This Bathroom Interior design project consisted of 5 different themes that the client asked for.

Colour design: in this style my idea was to create a beach like bathroom to make it more relaxing and comfortable for clients.

Classic chic: Marble is a classic and timeless choice for design.

Urban eco: The idea was to use Wood effect and concrete like ceramics to indicate the contrast between natural and artificial materials existing in a metropolitan city.

Tradition: I used patterned tiles with gray color and gold color to add to the glamour of the past thrones but still make it affordable for everyone.

Feminine:  my personal theme was feminine design which is inspired by georgia o’keeffe paintings.

Bar Diaz

My approach to the dining area design prioritized both privacy and comfort for each individual table while ensuring the functionality of the entire space. To achieve this, I incorporated a unique feature – a small void in the center that bridged the gap between the roof garden and the ground floor. This not only created an interesting visual connection but also improved the circulation and ventilation on the ground level, enhancing the overall dining experience.

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A Tiny Poetic Store

In the realm of retail, the intersection of architecture, interior design, and interior architecture plays a pivotal role in elevating sales through product presentation. Recognizing this, I meticulously designed the store’s shelves in an array of shapes and sizes, each meticulously curated to showcase their products in an engaging and visually appealing manner. To enhance brand visibility, select shelves were adorned with backgrounds featuring images from your Instagram page, offering customers a deeper connection with their story.

Furthermore, bags hung gracefully on the walls, while others stood adjacent to strategically placed fruit displays, inspired by their unique vision. By offering product models in a variety of vibrant colors, the interior became a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing space, captivating the eyes and delighting the senses of their valued customers.

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IT Office

In tackling this project, the client presented the challenge of designing a small space to accommodate a multitude of functions. In response, my primary focus was on enhancing the flexibility and invigorating the ambiance of the area. By prioritizing adaptability and infusing the space with a sense of vitality, I aimed to create an environment that could effortlessly cater to diverse needs and activities, ensuring that it remained a dynamic and welcoming space for all who used it.

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Real estate Office

client specifically asked for a design to make the design vibrant and inviting to bring more customers to the office as his main market was among people who crossed the street.

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Modern and comfortable professional multi functional studio

This innovative studio was strategically crafted to accommodate the needs of three distinct professions, offering a practical solution to reduce rental costs while fostering a collaborative work environment. By sharing this space, the individuals involved not only benefit from cost-efficiency but also gain the opportunity to synergize their expertise and ideas, promoting a sense of community and collaboration that can lead to creative breakthroughs and a more enriching professional experience.

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KARA Office (Product Packaging Office/Showroom)

With limited space available, this company faced the challenge of accommodating both their office and showroom within a compact area, with the factory located just behind it. In response to these constraints, a customized design solution was meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements of the client and office personnel. This tailored approach ensured that every inch of the available space was optimized to its fullest potential, allowing for seamless functionality and an efficient work environment.

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Italian Restaurant Design

This design and the distribution of the space and levels were drafted from the scratch based on the clients needs.

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